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schiism's Journal

finger deep within the b o r d e r l i n e
28 December
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he said, come here let’s play
let’s make ourselves fall
and she said, yes, let’s do that
let’s give it our all

and then he said, i quit
there’s this overwhelming guilt
she said, oh great, how about me
i can’t seem to quit you anymore …

and her name was p a r a d i s e
the world around her leaves her in disguise
she can’t seem to be herself anymore
now nothing will be like before

ok, he said, come on let’s play
i love you but i can’t get away
i need you but i just can’t stay
i can’t be here with you …

and her name was p a r a d i s e
the songs he play serves her alibi
to keep him inside when he had let go
but she can’t let him ever know
he can never know …
her name was p a r a d i s e
i love you but good bye